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Each Infoceutical is designed to correct a specific type of body-field distortion. There are six kinds of Infoceuticals:

The Infoceuticals are taken as drops in liquid, preferably water, at least two minutes apart. Do not mix different Infoceuticals together in the same glass of water.
It is okay to space the Infoceuticals out over the course of the day. NES Infoceuticals are not homeopathic remedies, so there is no problem taking them with coffee, mint, or any other food, herb, or supplement.

Big Fields

POLARITY -  If the integrity of this field is compromised and it tends towards a positive charge there will likely be significant disruption to the quantum fields. It is quite difficult for the body to correct distortions and make positive changes unless polarity is normalized. Emotional blocks, stress, electromagnetic disturbances of all kinds, air travel, geopathic stress, toxins, and chronic illness, all correlate to polarity issues.

MAGNETIC POLAR AXIS - The magnetic polar axis is generated by the magnetic poles of the earth.
Misalignment is associated with the body's processes of creating and distributing heat. May result in hot and cold regions randomly located about the body.

EQUATORIAL AXIS - This axis is placed at 90 degrees to the Earth's North-South magnetic polar axis and represents the spin of the Earth. Misalignment of this axis may reduce the body's ability to absorb the right trace minerals from food.
Metabolic diseases can be associated with misalignment of this axis. Oxidation and anti-oxidation process may be affected. The liver and the large bowel processes may also be affected.

VERTICAL AXIS - The vertical axis is generated by gravity. Misalignment can be associated with long-term effects of geopathic stress (subterranean water ways, mineral deposits or caves). Misalignment can be associated with slight variations in gravity from place to place. Linked with functional problems of the nervous system, and can affect sleep patterns. Linked to noticeable health variances depending on whether person is upright or lying down.

Energetic Drivers

Energetic Drivers power the human body-field.  If the Energetic Drivers are under-functioning there can be a corresponding lack of function in the body process.

ED-1 SOURCE  - Master Driver - energizes all other drivers.  Source can be considered  as the primary catalyst for all chemical and energetic activities in the body. It forms a basic resource for all our energy. It is the vital essence that gives life. Source is formed from the vital "paramagnetic" confetti contained within the cavities of the body. Impetus for maintaining, healing, and connecting body function. Important for relieving fatigue from detoxification and healing reactions. Source is depleted by chronic illness, physical and mental exhaustion, poor breathing, stress, toxic exposure, and malnutrition.

ED-2 HEART IMPRINTER - Primary driver for information transfer. Ensures information transfer to all cells of the body. Helps maintain correct body metabolism through its link to endoplasmic reticulum (protein & lipid synthesis, cell detoxing)

ED-3 CELL - Primary driver for body metabolism - Field is generated by mitochondria(energy centres of cells). Field is damaged by toxins in cells. Related to lung function. Good for geopathic stress.

ED-4 NERVE - Primary driver for nervous system function. Creates fields that transfer information in the body. Promotes calm, aids sleep. Harmonizes brain wave production, rebalancing whole nervous system.

ED-5 CIRCULATION - Primary driver for blood health and circulation. Maintains blood health, especially red blood cells. Healthy performance of arterial system. Transfer of oxygen, waste products, nutrients, hormones, and information. Maintains circulation nerve plexus.

ED-6 HEART - Primary driver for heart and emotions. Confluence of three major body systems: nervous, circulatory, and respiratory. Maintaining heart activity. Linked with midbrain, visual and auditory acuity. Decision making processes, identity, clarity, self-confidence, and mental integration.

ED-7 LUNG - Primary driver for respiration and energy movement in the body. Initiates movement of energy body-wide; related to growth, development. Maintains lung function, and free breathing, metabolism through correct exchange of gasses, and oxygen level in lungs. Combats viral susceptibility.

ED-8 STOMACH- Primary driver for digestive function. Related to whole process of digestion and assimilation of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, fats, and protein. Detoxes stomach. Helps fields of mental functions, and increases muscle stamina.

ED-9 MUSCLE - Primary driver for muscular activity.  Field is generated by muscle contractions. Field is disturbed by muscular and physical movement problems. Maintains muscular function generally, including metabolic waste excretion. Ensures availability of calcium and magnesium to muscles. Aids muscle growth and repair.

ED-10 SKIN - Primary driver for skin function. Field is generated by movement across skin by respiration and excretion. Also includes mucous membranes of lung and bowel. Repairs and regeneration of skin. Connects with muscle functions.

ED-11 LIVER - Primary driver for hepatic (liver) function. Field is generated by multiple liver functions. Field is damaged by toxins. Correction supports cells, functions, blood clotting, lymphatic regulation, detoxing enzymes and body ph.

ED-12 KIDNEY - Primary driver for renal and adrenal function. Supports kidney function, fluid metabolism, blood pressure regulation, physical stamina, and sanity.

ED-13 IMMUNITY - Primary driver for anti-body and non-specific resistance immunity. Field is generated from bone marrow production of immune cells.

ED-14 SPLEEN - Primary driver for specific immunity.  Aids the formation of long-term antibodies. Aids resistance to moulds, parasites, allergic responses.

ED-15 PANCREAS - Primary driver for digestive enzymes and blood sugar regulation.  Maintains pancreatic function. Field is susceptible to damage by environmental toxins.

ED-16 BONE - Primary driver for bone and calcium metabolism. Affects calcium metabolism. Assists bone growth and repair. Correction detoxes heavy metal from bones and muscles. Restores appetite.

Energetic Integrators

These fields correspond to acupuncture meridians.

EI-1 - Neurosensory-Large Intestine meridian - Nervous system, cranial nerves and sensory receptors, large intestine function and mineral absorption.

EI-2 - Heart Lung meridian - Cardiac tissue and hear function. Lung physiology and heart-lung interaction. Embryonic germinal layers.

EI-3 - Mucous Small Intestine meridian - Small intestines; organs and meridian. Calcium metabolism. Vertebral segments or motor units. Mucous membranes of the gut, nose, throat, lungs, etc. Skin.

EI-4 - Neurotransmitters Heart meridian - Triple cavities: head, chest, and pelvis. Neurotransmitters and midbrain. Uterus and ovaries. Audio acuity learning.

EI-5 - Lymphatics Bladder meridian -  Lymph: drainage, nodes and lymphocytes. Hormones: adrenals, pituitary, thyroid. Musculoskeletal: spine, disc integrity, and spinal nerves. Bladder. Male genitalia including prostate.

EI-6 - Kidney meridian- Kidney organ and kidney meridian. Acid-Alkaline or pH regulation. Pineal gland and precursor hormones (DHEA). Neurological tissue (white matter) Tubes of the body.

EI-7 - Blood Field Gall Bladder meridian - Blood cell production. Blood pressure regulation. Immune activation, T and NK cells. Upper GI digestion, gall bladder function. Motor neurons and grey matter function.

EI-8 - Microbes Liver meridian - microbial disease. Vision; eye conditions. Hormone components, including estrogens.

EI-9 - Thyroid Triple Warmer meridian - Thyroid gland and thyroid function. Body cavities, places of zero point energy accumulation. Links the three primary cavities. All mucous membranes.

EI-10 - Circulation Heart Protector meridian -  Circulatory system: arterial and venous. Neuroendocrine regulation. Motor, visual, and auditory regulation (midbrain). Anti-inflammatory effects.

EI-11 - Bone Marrow Stomach meridian -  Stomach and digestion. Harbours heavy metals, Bone marrow, Male sexual system.

EI-12 - Shock Spleen meridian -  Collapse, shock exhaustion. Digestive function, digestive enzymes, Pancreas: sugar metabolism. Toxic effects of radiation and radioactive substances.

Energetic Terrains

Energetic Terrains represent significant energetic distortions that severely disrupt the human body-field and are linked to many chronic diseases.

ET0 - influences the healing of tissues of the midbrain, auditory nerve, thalamus, optic thalamus, medulla oblongata, inner testes, renal tubules, myocardium, CNS, hearing, myocardium, whole cortex and all sphincter muscles.

ET1 - influences the healing of tissues of the red and yellow parts of the bone marrow, tongue, heart and frontal lobes of the brain.

ET2 - influences the healing of tissues in the red and yellow parts of the bone marrow, blood and frontal lobes of the brain.

ET3 - influences the healing of tissues in the Red and Yellow parts of the Bone Marrow, spleen and frontal lobes of the brain.

ET4 - influences the healing of tissues in the brain and particularly the central and peripheral nervous system. It also correlates with the arteries, blood, post sensory cortex and periosteum.

ET5 - influences the healing of tissues in the skin, lungs, larynx, neural ganglia and motor cortex.

ET6 - influences the healing of tissues in the respiratory tract especially the nose throat, lungs, and bronchi. It also links to the large bowel, pleura, larynx and sensory cortex.

ET7 - influences the healing of tissues in the liver, central nervous system, outer part of the brain, thyroid, pancreas, pituitary, bladder, kidney, duodenum, visual cortex and eyes.

ET8 - influences the healing of tissues in the coating of nerve axons, eye, liver, peritoneum, spinal cord.

ET9 - influences the healing of tissues in digestion generally and specifically stomach, duodenum, gall bladder, liver, breast ducts and sensory cortex.

ET10 - influences the healing of tissues in the liver, chest, gastro-intestinal tract, gall bladder, breast gland, motor and sensory cortex.

ET11 - influences the healing of tissues in the liver, large bowel, stomach, oesophagus, ileum, motor and sensory cortex.

ET12 - influences the healing of tissues in the liver, large bowel, larynx, skin, motor and sensory cortex.

ET13 - influences the healing of tissues in the blood, the large bowel, the chest cavity, the pancreas, bone tissue, nasal passages, ears, various neurones of the brain, para-nasal sinuses, spleen, alpha and beta cells of the pancreas.

ET14 - influences the healing of tissues in the skin, lungs, hearing, Cortil's organ, ceriable nerves and frontal lobes of the brain.

ET15 - influences healing generally throughout the body.

Energetic Stars

The body provides itself with mini information networks which function as sub-systems of the more complex Big Body Field and act as metabolic pathways governing energy usage. These subsystems are known as Energetic Stars. They are arranged in a strict sequence that gives the body maximum assurance of survival, so Energetic Star One (ES1) is the most important for survival, followed by Energetic Star Two (ES2), etc.

ES1 - IMMUNE - This Star is first in the Star series indicating the body's priority task in maintaining its immune system. This Star also relates to over stimulation of the Human Bodyfield by man-made and natural electromagnetic radiation (radio waves, computers, mobile phones, radar, solar radiation etc).

ES2 - MEMORY IMPRINTER - In biochemical terms memory is not well understood but biophysics research indicates that memory is formed from stored magnetic messages imprinted onto the fats of the brain and also all over the body. These messages or "memories" contain fundamental basic information on our identity, who we are, what we are doing here and also homeostatic operating instructions for metabolic processes, heart rate, hormonal levels etc.

Memory is an aspect of learning, and how well information is recalled is a sign of health. Learning processes rely on the heart's ability to imprint information into fats.  

ES3 - NERVE FUNCTION - Memory is an aspect of learning, and how well information is recalled is a sign of health. Learning processes rely on the heart's ability to imprint information into fats.

ES4 - TRIPLE CAVITY - According to biophysics the body is powered and energized biochemically by sugars and by 'Source' energy. Source energy is accumulated and stored in the body cavities particularly the primary cavities of the cranium, chest and abdomen. When these cavities are under-functioning and not communicating, energy depletion may be experienced.

ES5 - AUTO-IMMUNE - The immune system forms a major defence system of the body and is basically a cell destroying mechanism and as such must be able to identify good cells from bad. If this process goes wrong through incorrect production of antibodies then auto-immune diseases and allergic reactions result.

ES6 - CIRCULATION, LIPIDS - A number of arteries in the body can build up deposits or otherwise start narrowing and restricting blood flow. This Star communicates with particular arteries where narrowing due to fat accumulation, or stenosis due to calcium deposition, is a potential problem.

ES7 - MUSCLE ENZYMES - The muscle system represents the largest group of tissues in the body (about half the body weight), and when there are metabolic errors in the muscles huge amounts of toxins are generated. There are also strong links between muscles and basic enzyme functions. Even slight detox reactions in the muscle can result in headaches, and general body aches in people of all ages.

ES8 - CHILL - Emotions form an information network within the body system and strong emotions that continually 'replay' themselves (emotional tape loops) may become imprinted into the body structure. These imprinted emotions are draining on the body and may play a significant part in many serious diseases and also sleep loss. The emotional part of the brain works quite slowly, and must be given frequent time out to simply process and reposition data into an organized field.

ES9 - SHOCK, AUDIO PROCESSING - This Star is associated with two principal issues: traumatic shock and blocks in the hearing process resulting in slow childhood development. Traumatic shock is serious as it can cause temporary collapse of the body field's information structure. If traumatic shock is deeply imprinted in the body cells it can significantly affect personal abilities. The first manifestation of shock is the severing of the link between hearing and speech - people who are shocked are speechless.

ES10 - STRESS, VIDEO PROCESSING - This Star is associated with two principle issues: stress and interpretation of visual patterns. If you cannot see things well enough your survival is under threat. Stress and inability to see things are related according to biophysics and connect with functional failure of the visual cortex and thalamus. Stress is also defined as the failure of the body to create a coherent Big Body Wave.

ES11 & ES-12 - MALE & FEMALE ENERGY - Social abilities, attractiveness, sexual performance and charisma are enhanced by an unhindered endocrine function. The hormonal cycle of women is complex and for balanced health the endocrine glands and receptor sites need to work as well as they can. Source energy is vital for correct endocrine function and male performance.

ES13 C-O-H METABOLISM - The elements of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen (C, O & H) are found in many molecules of the body. They form a fundamental part of the body's biochemical energy production mechanisms being present in sugars, carbohydrates and fats. The COH Star is concerned with metabolism and production of energy generally and is associated with Krebs Cycle (citric acid cycle) which appears to go wrong in a remarkable number of different diseases.

ES14 CELL METABOLISM - Cells prefer to operate in a toxin free environment, whilst the environment we live in contains many chemicals that are hostile to cellular activity. If environmental toxins build up in the body they will inhibit the ability of cells to metabolize and function correctly.

ES15 HEAVY METALS - The presence of heavy metals in the body can have a significantly detrimental effect on cellular functions, energetic process and the body field as a whole.

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